jTCPfwd - Java TCP forwarder

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Main program

Download jTCPfwd 0.5 (319 KB)

Download jTCPfwd lite 0.5 (68 KB)

Download jTCPfwd 0.5 source code (223 KB)


Download jTCPfwd 0.5 HTTPTunnel listener addon using embedded Jetty Server (source + binaries) (685 KB)


In 2006, jTCPfwd (“Jay-Tee-Cee-Pee-Forward”) started as a simple Java command line tool to forward TCP ports. Lots of other features are added, especially for forwarding TCP connections over various other means (the simplest being reverse TCP connections, but also UDP/HTTP tunnelling or writing files to a network share) or for combining/splitting TCP connections to reduce the number of ports needed. The first public release was done in 2010.

There is a lite version available, that will only use socket types supported by Java, and is therefore a lot smaller. The full version uses a lot of custom socket types, therefore has a lot more features, but is also larger.

The manual describes all supported features of both editions.

System requirements

A Java Runtime environment 1.4 or above is needed. You can get it from Java.com.


Just download jTCPfwd (either the lite or the full version) and run it as

java -jar jTCPfwd.jar 1234 www.google.de:80 1235 www.bing.com:80

This will forward local port 1234 to Google, and local port 1235 to Bing. For more advanced features, please refer to the manual.

Sourceforge project page

is located here.


You can get the latest source code (and check in your additions if you are a developer) from subversion.

Anonymous access: Use
svn co https://jtcpfwd.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jtcpfwd/trunk jtcpfwd
to check out the latest version. You can also use GUI programs like TortoiseSVN (Explorer plugin).

Developer access: Contact me so that I can add you to this project. You will need a sourceforge.net account for this. Or submit your changes by e-mail; then I will commit them (In the latter case please make sure that your From address is replyable, in case of any questions. If my answer bounces, I will not commit your patch!).

You can also browse the repository.

Contact me

You can send suggestions and bug reports to my sourceforge e-mail address.

Have fun!

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